Online Roulette

Online-Roulette-UKOnline Roulette, being one of the old timers, has flourished since the 18th century in the gambling arena and is now offered in almost all European online casinos.

Roulette means ‘little wheel’ in French and is played on a table, a horizontal wheel and a croupier. The embedded numbers in red and black, a rolling ball with a spinning wheel spreads its magic on to the players and leave an urge to play more and win big.

Basic setup of online Roulette

Online Roulette wheel is nothing less than the wheel of fortune with grids and well divided segments. Each grid contains a number ranging from 1 to 36 in either red or black. The numbers are not ordered but colours are alternate in each grid. Two grids are dedicated for some special house numbers: a zero or a double zero. Green colour signifies a house number.

 Apart from mere numbers, a player will find a flirty ball hopping on the wheel with each spin. Its placement on stopping of the wheel decides a win or a loss. The person in command of dealing with all the bets, players and the wheel is better addressed as a “Croupier”. European online roulette is found with a single house number of ‘zero’.

Variations of Bet

As soon as you enter an online casino, and showcase your interest to play online Roulette, you are flashed with many variants of numbers to bet on. A novice may prefer to bet on a single number: on red or black grid, odd or even. But a frequent goer might opt for better combinations like betting on a full column, a corner bet which comprises of a set of 4 numbers or it can also be a split bet where a gambler bets on 2 different numbers.

More possibilities for punters to explore are, betting on first 12 numbers and so on. Betting on specific numbers is termed as “Inside Bets” which have better pay outs and mere betting on a colour grid or any odd or even number is tagged as “Outside Bets”. Such bets come with lower pay outs as the probability to crack is more.

Understanding of an online Roulette table is equally important as you can choose your comfort zone before betting on real money. Each table clearly specifies the bet limits and maximum pay outs on a single bet. 

How to play online Roulette

  1. Decision is the foremost thing in online Roulette.  Decide on the various variations of bets that are clearly depicted on the roulette table.
  2. Place your chips over your betting numbers on the table.
  3. Once ready, the croupier spins the wheel clockwise which makes the ball roll anti-clockwise.
  4. Keep your eyes glued on the tossing ball!
  5. The number or the grid where the spinning white plastic ball settles wins.

Easy to understand and master, online Roulette in Europe has gained much appreciation and adoration among the gaming enthusiasts.  The below EU casinos offer a host of Online Roulette flavours, such as, European Roulette, French Roulette, Auto-Roulette, English Roulette, Live Roulette VIP, Live Immersive Roulette, Roulette High Stake, European Roulette Gold Series by Microgaming, and many more.

Top Euro Casinos to Play Roulette in 2019

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